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Golf Dress Code


Trying to figure out what to wear to a golf course, a country club, the driving range, or a golf event? 

The golf dress code can be confusing. We are here to break it down to alleviate some of that confusion! The easiest way to determine what you can and cannot wear, is to call (or visit the website) of the establishment that you are going to and ask what the dress code is for women specifically (since men and women have different requirements sometimes).

The nicer the course/event, the stricter the dress code rules. You want to make sure to follow these rules out of respect for game (but also because some courses will confront you and ask you to change, buy something more appropriate from their pro shop, or leave if you do not follow their dress code). I always keep a spare polo and pants in my car, just in case me or any of my friend’s need to swap out what we are wearing to adhere to the dress code. And trust me, it is never fun to be called out for what you are wearing, especially when you thought you looked good! 

 If you would like to play it on the safer side because you are still unsure what the dress code is at the location you are going to, we will break down what tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories are best for the course. Previously, sleeveless tops were considered unacceptable, but now, they are widely permitted as long as they have a collar or are accompanied by a mock-neck design (again, check with your course to make sure they allow this). Similarly, golf skirts/shorts are now embraced, provided they meet an appropriate length requirement (each course has their own requirement for length, so make sure to inquire). Denim is usually never permitted. Many golf clubs have also relaxed their rules on footwear. While golf shoes with soft spikes remain the preferred choice for maintaining the integrity of the course, some establishments now permit athletic shoes. Hats and visors are still widely encouraged (and beanies in the winter time).

Just a quick recap of what is generally acceptable to wear to a golf course:

  • Tops – wear a collar if you are unsure (can typically get away with a tank top if there is a collar).

  • Bottoms – skirts/shorts should be an appropriate length so when you are teeing up your ball or picking up your ball you are not putting on too much of a show for the people in your group. Denim is usually never permitted.

  • Shoes – golf shoes with soft spikes or athletic shoes.

  • Hats – all hats are generally acceptable. Even beanies during cold weather.

  • Purse – there are no rules against purses but they tend to get in the way when swinging our clubs, so be sure to find someplace to store your bag while you golf.

**if you know you are playing at a casual course, you can get away with no collars and sometimes even jeans. There are also places that allow you to play barefoot! Again, every course has their own dress code so be sure to inquire before showing up.